8 things you can do in a coworking centre and nowhere else

Coworking offers many opportunities. Some of them can be enjoyed only in these spaces. We made a list of the most important ones, so you know what you can get switching to shared desks.

1. Meet a future customer at the coffee corner

Freedom to exchange with other members is one of the main advantage of coworking. Over a coffee, after a workshop, during an afterwork… It is very easy to build relationships with your neighbors.

By the way, we organize some nice events in our coworking spaces. Feel free to look at our agenda.

Thus, you may come across a co-worker who has a specific need, a need that you will be able to meet.

2. Change desks as often as you like

On Mondays, you may want to work in peace. You will prefer to exchange with your office neighbors on Tuesdays. Then meetings take up all your time on Wednesdays, etc.

For all these activities, it is necessary to choose the right working environment. You will choose a separate place for the days when you need to concentrate; you will get closer to the bar on the days when you need to communicate and exchange. Only coworking gives you this freedom.

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3. Take a break without feeling guilty

After a period of intense work, you need to take a break. It’s good for your mental health and freshness. According to the Pomodoro method, it is even a break every 25 minutes.

However, in some companies, these moments of breathing can be misunderstood and develop a form of guilt: “do I deserve this break? What will my colleagues think of me if I stop for five minutes? What about my boss? No, really, I better get back to work…”

In a coworking center, the atmosphere is more relaxed. Coworkers know that a moment of effort must be followed by comfort. In addition, you can take advantage of this opportunity to develop your network.

4. Exchanging with passionate professionals

It is often said that we are only the average of the five people to whom we are the closest. Whether true or not, it is obvious that surrounding yourself with motivated, passionate and sincere people has only positive effects.

It is in coworking areas that we find these profiles the most: entrepreneurs who have left their position in a large company to embark on their mission, or those freelancers who, after years of expertise in a field, want to offer their talent to the whole world…

Take advantage of the events organized in your coworking center to meet them. They will surely give you some of the passion that drives them forward.

5. Develop your skills by participating in workshops

Make the most of the advantages of your coworking center. Most certainly, your coworking center offers workshops or social events.

Often free or at a ridiculously low price, these events can be fantastic opportunities to learn a new skill, update your knowledge of your industry or expand your network.

6. Rent an office one day, leave the next

Isn’t that real freedom? Take the time to choose your favorite workspace. Commit only after taking the time to try. Give yourself the right to choose an office that suits your needs.

Coworking centers offer you this freedom. In most centers, you can rent an office by the day, without obligation. Then, if you are not convinced by the environment, the community or the services offered, you are free not to return.

That’s an opportunity we provide in our coworking centers. Book a Flex Desk.

7. Create synergies with your coworker

Whether your office neighbor is a potential customer, supplier, mentor, friend or even a competitor, you have the opportunity to exchange, discuss and create synergies.

To do this, however, you will need to be actively involved in the community.

8. Show your customers a space you are proud of

You used to work in your living room. At the time, t was very pleasant, but it was out of the question to invite a customer or supplier. Then you discovered coworking: now you love to show your center to your guests.

In addition, coworking centers generally offer everything you need to organize perfect meetings: video-conferencing tools, fixed phones, large screens, catering, etc. Much better than what you could offer from your living room.


With these few points, we hope we have convinced you of the advantages of working in a coworking area. If you want to now more about our offers, visit our formulae page.


See you soon in your favorite workspace,

The LODGE.co team