The good practices in a coworking space

Because work methods are changing, more and more people are adopting the coworking solution. This is why it is important to give a list of good behaviors and practices in these spaces.

The trend towards coworking is increasing. Whether you are self-employed or freelancer, it is very likely that you will choose this option in the future. Indeed, according to a study made by Deloitte, the disappearance of the traditional is explained by the fact that office with the increasing of jobs in the service and knowledge-based sectors, the growth of digitization and the growth of the shared economy. In addition, according to an article written by Coworking Resources, the number of coworking spaces in the world is expected to reach 25,968 by 2022, a 42% increase over 2019.

What must be remembered  in these various studies is that the increase in the number of coworking spaces also implies an increase in their surface area. These spaces will therefore have to be able to welcome more and more members.  Thus, since coworker communities are likely to expand in the future, the micro-management of a coworking space becomes more and more complicated. It is also important for old and new members to adopt good practices in these spaces in order to improve working conditions in coworking spaces.

  • Preserve communication

A coworking space is not only a work space. It is a place where self-employed workers, freelancers meet, communicate, share their ideas, their know-how but also their networks. In a context of small spaces, this seems simple, but once in a coworking space of significant size, the understanding between the members is less natural. Why is it important to maintain this communication? Because today we are spending most of our lives at work and it contributes greatly to personal development.

  • Preserve working spaces

As mentioned above, we are spending a lot of time at work, so it is important to take care of the spaces in which we work and especially in a collaborative workspace, why? Simply because the space is shared, the office you set up on Monday is not the same the next day. Even if this detail may seem meaningless, it is far from trivial. Indeed, according to a Reliable Plant study, an employee loses an average of 4.3 hours per week sorting documents. Preserving collaborative spaces allows you to increase your productivity and also to be appreciated by your office neighbors.

  • Preserve quiet

A publication of the New York Academy of Medicine explains that students with higher school noise levels had grades significantly lower. Therefore, maintaining good sound flow is essential to conserve the concentration of all members. Obviously, a complete silence is not good either, but some practices can already improve the concentration of the different members. For example, telephone calls should be made in private rooms, informal exchanges between members around the coffee machine.


Obviously, this list of rules is not exhaustive and the purpose of this article is to raise awareness of good practices in a coworking space for the comfort of all!