Do you want to manage your workspaces with more flexibility for usages and occupancy rate ?

Our solution is at your disposal

A transparent, traceable and auditable reservation platform.  It allows you to protect, to manager occupancy rate with big flexibility.

Our approach

Back at the office, your employees need a solution that reassures them in the use of space. We offer a software platform that does not require IOT. It can be deployed in a few days. We configure your site in our software, we give your employees access to the reservation and we set up dashboards for your managers to monitor the occupancy rate.

Une solution

A flexible

With a simple and fast setting of parameters, allows to define and adapt the occupancy rate of the spaces. A simple parameterization which allows to add and remove reservation authorizations according to the needs. This provides an on-demand rental service that is easy to access and adaptable. The services provided will therefore be flexible depending on the economic situation. Read more

Des taux d’occupation 

Adapted Occupancy rates

As a result of the evolution of space management rules, companies must manage the use of their buildings with some times a weak occupancy rate of 20%. They wish to change this occupancy rate. allows with a very simple parameter setting to make the occupancy rates evolve. Thus, according to government decisions, the flow of employees authorized on site will be adapted thanks to the platform. Read more

Une réservation simple, dynamique et en temps réel

A simple, dynamic and real-time reservation

With little or no training, the user will be able to make the reservation of his space, receive the confirmation before going to the office with peace of mind. The platform makes it possible to respect the 20% occupancy rate. If all 20% of the space is reserved, the user will not be able to make the reservation anymore, which will prevent him/her from moving to the buildings and exceeding the implement 20% rule. The platform can propose others buildings. The people can book the spaces in real-time from a computer or a mobile application Lire plus

Management of a flexible solution to manage work offices and spaces for employees

Des tableaux de bord en temps réel pour une meilleure optimisation

Real-time dashboards for better optimization

A tool is provided to the manager with a view of space occupancy, allowing him to see the occupancy rate. If some spaces are less used than others, the booking limits can be adapted to allow other people to use the spaces. This adaptation makes it possible to optimize the use of the spaces.

Real-time visibility of the location is therefore guaranteed in order to optimize the use of the work spaces.

Adaptés les contrats de facility management

Adapted facility management contracts

Depending on the presence of your users, you can increase or decrease the capacity of your facility management contract, which will allow you to reduce your costs. The platform is therefore scalable and adapted to flexible needs.

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